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LinQu double mechanical equipment co., LTD

   LinQu double mechanical equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in magnetic separation equipment developed、Production and sales in the integration of manufacturing company,Is located in the shandong regional hub in the area,The transportation is convenient。 Company main products are at the moment:In addition to iron、Electromagnetic iron remover、Permanent magnetic iron remover、Magnetic drum、Magnetic separator、High gradient plate magnetic separator、Strong magnetic roller magnetic separator、Magnet iron remover、The metal detector、Feeder equipment、Crushing equipment、Measuring equipment, etc。Products are widely used in electric power、Iron and steel、Coal、Cement、Building materials、Metallurgy、Mine、Chemical industry、Refractory materials、The glass、Paper making、Ceramics、Food、Port and other industries。 


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The working principle of the pipeline permanent magnet dump iron remover
 Pipeline permanent magnet dump iron remover is a high-performance automatic magnetic separation equipment,Can be widely should be...
A common fault and analysis of permanent magnet drum magnetic separator
1)Magnetic separation overheating and its mechanical and electrical machine noise is not normal。   The reason for this:1)Bearings...
In addition to the iron product description and purpose
  In addition to the iron according to the different magnetic source,Divided into electromagnetic iron remover and permanent magnetic iron remover,Is a kind of used to clear blocks...
In addition to the iron safe technology operating rules
A、General requirements The first1The article Must go through this type of work safety and professional、Technical training...
Double special-education how you choose to、Using iron remover
1、Purge out should be based on mixed in requirements、The material of iron status、Field work environment right choose iron remover。...
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