LEDDisplay screen_Indoor tableLEDDisplay screen_Outdoor full colorLEDDisplay screen-Hai jia CAI
IndoorIndoorP2.5Full color table IndoorP3Full color table 12000Yuan/SquareIndoorP3.91Full color tableIndoorP4Full color table 8500Yuan/Square metersIndoorP4Full color table 256×256 7800Yuan/Square metersIndoorP4.75Single color table 4100Yuan/SquareIndoorP4.75Double color table 5100Yuan/Square metersIndoorP4.81 Full color tableIndoor P5 16S Single and double colorIndoorP5Full color table 6500Yuan/Square metersIndoorP6Full color tableRental screensP2.97
OutdoorOutdoorP10Put ChanHong table 2200Yuan/SquareOutdoorP3.91Full color tableOutdoorP4.81 Full color tableOutdoorP5Full color table OutdoorP6Full color table 14800Yuan/ Square metersOutdoorP8 Full color table 10500Yuan/Square metersOutdoorP8Full color table Big boardOutdoorP10 ChanHongHeng pressure 2300Yuan/Square metersOutdoorP10 Constant current into white 4300Yuan/Square metersOutdoor P10 Full color table 5800Yuan/Square metersThe outdoorP10 4S Single white 4300Yuan/SquareThe outdoorP10 4S ChanHong 1800Yuan/SquareThe outdoorP10 4S Table stick
Super small spacing
D1.25 32S 108000Yuan/SquareD1.37 29SD1.53 26S 73000Yuan/SquareP1.667 24S 48000Yuan/SquareD1.66 1/32SP1.875 32S 36500Yuan/SquareD1.83 1/29SD1.9 21S
King of true colorDSeries
D2.0 20S 31000Yuan/SquareD2.5 32S 16000Yuan/SquareD3 24S 12500Yuan/SquareD4 20S 7500Yuan/SquareD3.076
King kong god of warDSeries
D4 10S 20500Yuan/SquareD5 8S 17000Yuan/SquareD6 6S 3535 14500Yuan/SquareD8 5S 12500Yuan/SquareD10 2S 9800Yuan/SquareD10 4S
The colourASeries
A5 8S 23000Yuan/SquareA6 6S 19500Yuan/SquareA8 5S 17500Yuan/SquareA10 2S 15000Yuan/Square
Single and double color

Billions of sea The sea in one hundred
Build a new era wisdom shows green

Create a leading brand of LED display in the world.

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In the process of innovation economy and market globalization,Hai jia CAI liang sincerely invite customers at home and abroad and the social people from all walks of life hand in hand with cooperation,To win the future!The color of light around youLEDDisplay the expert!