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Concentrate on high precision Difficult plating technology

The core technology team,20People experience;

Can be processed、Complex and special parts appearance;

Customized plating process To meet customer demand

Process custom optimization,Anodic oxidation,Chemical nickel plating、Electric galvanized;

Stainless steel surface treatment,Selection of chemical conversion coating;

Short delivery time,Quality assurance

3000m2The production workshop,29Electroplating production line;

24Hours of production,To ensure perfect delivery date;

Rapid and efficient after-sales service

The company has a professional customer service team,Pre-sale customer service staff can answer for you before buying

The difficult problem,After sales customer service staff will regularly on usage to you

Review and services,Let you really enjoy to buy the product and easy。

Gaoyou ChengXin metal manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in yangzhou city, jiangsu province gaoyou center avenue,While neighboring countriesG233、G2,Provincial highway333、332,South from yangzhou40km,West anhui tianchang30km,The young tiger airport about20km,The traffic is very convenient。Our company covers an area of60Mu,Invested capital1.6One hundred million yuan(The yuan)。A senior engineer2Name,Engineer6Name,And there was a large...
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