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  Zhang Bei网赌被黑ShuYe co., LTD. Is specialized is engaged in potato breeding、Planting、Storage of a large modern agricultural industrialization enterprises.  Company is located in the northwest of hebei zhangbei county of zhangjiakou,Above sea level1300M,In northern latitude42oPotato planting zone,This vast wilderness,The land fertile,Sunny,No pollution,Is the ideal of potato breeding、Breeding、Planting、Warehousing。The company is located from Beijing260Kilometers,Adjacent to the Inner Mongolia、Shanxi and Beijing and tianjin area,The transportation is convenient。  The company was founded in2017Years1Month。The company registered capital500Ten thousand yuan,The company has been designed.according potato computer control1Seat,Storage capacity4Ten thousand tons。The company own planting base1000Mu,From the sow、Fertilization、Sprinkler irrigation、All harvest mechanization。  The company built a potato earth centre、Intelligent greenhouse、Seed-breeding base and kinds of potato storage library. Companies in sichuan and lead2Number2Number、Potato chips6Number、New preferred2Number、Acknowledge15,Such as disease resistance、Excellent quality、High output、Optimum range at the core of the breed,Set up perfect detoxified potato kind of potato breeding system,Product quality supervision, inspection and test center potato products by the ministry of agriculture(Zhangjiakou)Certification testing。  Company to science and technology to benefit,With the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences'、Such as China agricultural university academy in potato breeding、Varieties demonstration promotion、Cultivation of talents、Technology import、Atomization seedling cultivation potato potato project cooperation in many aspects,For Zhang Bei网赌被黑The brand of ShuYe co., LTD、Technology、Services and training system construction provides a strong support system of science and technology。  Zhang Bei网赌被黑Has been formed to breeding ShuYe co., LTD、Planting for the integration of science and technology agricultural enterprises,Become important domestic potato breeding、Planting and processing base。From the kind of research and development of potato cultivation to mechanization planting、From fresh potato storage science,Formed a complete circular economy industrial chain。  Corporate culture is one of the social culture system is an important part of the organic,Is the national culture and modern consciousness in the enterprise internal comprehensive reflection and performance,For the main values espoused in an enterprise,Such as aggressive、The defensive or development, etc。These values constitute the company employees、Opinions and behavior norms。  The spirit of enterprise: Pragmatic and enterprising Unity dedication The customer is supreme Credit guarantee  Business philosophy: People-oriented Practical  The quality culture: More dedicated Higher requirements Strive for perfection Scientific development  Service concept: Elaborate service The pursuit of customer satisfaction  Brand culture: Gen national industry brand of the world  Culture of choose and employ persons: Restraining Meritocracy Of men Supplement each other  The goal of enterprise: A larger scale Credibility is better Develop faster Better benefit


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